Timberland Launches Take-Back Program To Recycle and Upcycle Used Products


Based in Stratham, New Hampshire, Timberland set a goal to make its products net positive by 2030. It plans to achieve this through a commitment to regenerative agriculture and circular design.

The company has collaborated with ReCircled who has developed a process that closes the loop for circular programs. In the past, it has worked with footwear and apparel brands in North America, Europe, and Asia.

How it works?

Through the program, launching in August in the U.S., consumers can return the brand’s footwear, apparel, or accessories to any of its outlets.

The collected products will be either repaired or refurbished for sale on a re-commerce platform specifically designed for this initiative. The products could even be upcycled or recycled into new products.

To make it even more convenient to participate, Timberland is adding a ship-from-home option later in the summer.

After the U.S., the program could expand to EMEA later this fall, and to the APAC region in spring 2022.

Global brand president for Timberland, Susie Mulder said that the take-back program is a significant step for the company to achieve its 100% circularity goal. “At the same time (we are) addressing the ever-increasing consumer demand for responsible design and progressive retail options,” he said in a statement. “Timberland always builds our products for longevity. Now those products will have a second life, whether they are refurbished for re-sale, or disassembled and recycled into something new. Either way, the consumer and product journey goes on, and we continue to move the world forward, together.”

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