Bye Bye Bacteria-Antimicrobial Silver Yarn


Reduce Bacteria with Silver Yarn

Silver (silver ions) inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold & fungi and eliminates bacteria odor.  Silver yarn is molecularly embedded with high levels of 99.9% pure silver that naturally deprives bacteria of the food source needed to reproduce and survive. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards utilizing antimicrobial silver yarn that has the following benefits:

  • Eliminates odor-causing bacteria
  • Reduces odors by eliminating the source
  • Prevents mildew, molds & fungi
  • Sustainable resistance for the life of the product
  • Natural, non-toxic & environmentally safe

Antimicrobial performance is sustainable for the life of all of its products. The products will not lose any of the benefits of the silver bonding process over time or washings.

Product Testing

We conduct intensive manufacturing and quality control protocols. Every material lot is tested after each manufacturing cycle to ensure that it delivers the stated performance that customers count on.